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SWTDT Approved Driver Training Programs

Ask yourself this question, "If I'm in school longer, aren't I giving up paychecks along the way?" Why go to school longer when you can be working in as little as 4 - 5 weeks by taking our programs. Southwest understands the realism and the hardship of being out of work when going to school, and has designed our programs to get you back to work faster. 

Bilingual Instructors Available

Southwest Truck Driver Training employs several Bilingual instructors to enhance the learning experience for those individuals that require assistance in the Spanish-to-English language conversion. The availability varies with each location.

Class A CDL Training
The Class A Commercial Driver License program is designed to provide each student with a basic knowledge of the requirements for a Class A CDL. The program is structured to provide each student with sufficient behind-the-wheel driving time for development of practical skills necessary to attain a Class A CDL. Successful completion of this program qualifies graduates for an entry-level position into the trucking industry. All successful graduates will receive Job Placement Services in all types of jobs in the transportation field, including local, regional, and national jobs.
Class B CDL Training
The class B program is designed for individuals who are looking to operate a single vehicle such as a cement mixer, delivery truck or dump truck. Students who complete this course will have a class "B" CDL with "Air Brakes" endorsement. You can also do the Passsenger or School Bus endorsement at select SWTDT locations. Please call for more information.
Refresher Course
The Refresher Program is designed for drivers with prior driving experience within the last 2-3 years. The student must have a current DOT physical, drug screen, and a current Arizona CDL or CDL permit. This program is all hands-on driving and is designed to re-introduce drivers into the trucking industry, and includes Job Placement services for both English and Spanish students. Pre-hires with quality trucking companies are available to those who qualify.
RV Training
Southwest has seen a need for hands-on RV safety training. Students will learn how to safely operate their RV, conduct pre-trip inspections, campground backing hazards to watch out for, city and freeway driving, towing a vehicle behind your RV, and water waste and any special items on your RV. At the end of this specialized course, you will receive a Southwest Recreational Vehicle Training Certificate of Attendance, which is accepted by most insurance companies and could earn you a break on your insurance rates.
Nationwide Training
Why wait until next summer to get a jump-start on your career? Come to sunny Arizona or North Las Vegas where we have housing available for out-of-state students who want to complete their training in a warmer climate. Transportation is also available to the school and back to your room where you can relax next to a clear pool, or spend your weekends golfing or seeing the many wonderful sights of Arizona or North Las Vegas. Call and speak to an Admissions Representative about an Educational Vacation!
Questions You Should Ask Your Potential School Southwest Other Schools
Is the school Family Owned and Operated? Check Mark Question Mark
Are you job-ready in as little as 3 - 4 weeks? Check Mark Question Mark
Are you a graduate the day you leave another school, or are there other conditions? Check Mark Question Mark
Has specific job-oriented training objectives? Check Mark Question Mark
Provides safe facilities? Check Mark Question Mark
Maintains industry standard equipment? Check Mark Question Mark
Trucks equipped with appropriate seating for learning? Check Mark Question Mark
Is the school financially sound? Check Mark Question Mark
Have they been in business for more than a decade? Check Mark Question Mark
Is the school A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau Check Mark Question Mark
Is the school primarily focused on training truck drivers? Check Mark Question Mark
Do they provide polite, respectful, knowledgeable instructors? Check Mark Question Mark
Do they offer carrier pre-hires prior to starting school? Check Mark Question Mark
Does your training get you the job you want? Check Mark Question Mark
Does the school maintain a full-time job placement professional? Check Mark Question Mark
Do the trucking companies offer tuition reimbursement for their training? Check Mark Question Mark
Accepts only those who are qualified to work in the industry? Check Mark Question Mark
Are there grants available to pay for this training? Check Mark Question Mark
Will this training start me toward being an income earning, professional truck driver? Check Mark Question Mark
Does this school offer the training schedules I need? Check Mark Question Mark