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At Southwest, It's Your Choice! 

Southwest Truck Driver Training understands that not every graduate has the same career needs. Southwest offers four categories in Job Placement to help you fulfill your individual needs, and to help you enter a successful career in the trucking industry. 

Southwest's Job Placement Department

Southwest offers lifetime Job Placement assistance to every individual that graduates from our training facilities. Whether you need to be home every night, or want to see the country, the Job Placement Department is here to assist you in making your career a success!

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Over-the-Road Positions

Southwest has applications for all of the major motor carriers who hire out of Arizona or Nevada. We can get you hired even before you start! These positions usually consist of driving 48 states, and being away from home 3-4 weeks at a time. What can a truck driver earn? Consult the Department of Labor Statistics links below for more information.

General Industry overview 
Average Wages

Regional / 11 Western Positions

These positions are offered by the same companies that hire OTR drivers, but without East coast runs. An average driver will be out 2-3 weeks, with home time being 1-1 1/2 days for every week you are gone, but have the same great pay and benefits as an OTR driver. 

Dedicated Route Positions

These are the prized positions that are sought after by most drivers, but usually go to drivers with at least 6 months OTR experience or more. Most drivers find that there is a waiting list with major carriers for these types of positions. However, Southwest does work with dedicated companies that will give you these types of runs upon graduation. With these types of runs, a driver will be out an average of 5-7 days, with 1-2 days off between runs, these positions carry the same type of pay and benefits as an OTR position.

Local Positions

Southwest Truck Driver Training currently works with many local employers in Arizona and Nevada that hire graduates right from school. Drivers in these positions are home every night, and their wages vary depending on the company you go to work for! Contact the Job Placement Department for further information on any of these positions!